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BENCOR Is a Leader in PCB Production Serving the US & The World

Welcome to BENCOR, your premier destination for top-notch PCB fabrication services tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications and consumer products. With a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and precision, we stand as a beacon in the realm of printed circuit board construction.

Printed circuit boards fabrication is not created equal. Our “smaller” shop will give you personalized project management and excellent quality that many overseas and larger PCB manufacturers cannot provide. This gives our customers peace-of-mind as we deliver them superior PCB production on all types of circuit boards and manufactured electronic components.

BENCOR is the best choice for your PCB fabrication projects because we know this industry very well and have very affordable pricing on even the smallest projects. We can supplement your current in-house production or handle every aspect of your PCB production requirements from initial concept to end-of-life. We help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re in need of rigid, flex, rigid-flex, aluminum, 2-layer, or multilayer circuit boards, we have the expertise to take your project from prototype to full-scale production.

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Why Choose BENCOR for PCB Fabrication?

1. Expertise that Matters

At BENCOR, our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in PCB fabrication. With our quick-turn printed circuit board fabrication, superior quality and competitive pricing, BENCOR continues to be a trusted PCB partner for hundreds of customers for over 30 years. We understand the nuances of different industrial applications and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. From the intricacies of rigid PCBs to the versatility of flex circuits, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Printed Circuit Board

2. Comprehensive Circuit Board Construction Types

Printed circuit boards fabrication is not created equal. Our “small shop” mentality will give you personalized project management, excellent quality and superior service that seems to be a thing that is fading away with many companies. We offer a comprehensive range of printed circuit board construction types to cater to the specific requirements of your project. Whether you need the rigidity of a traditional 2-layer board, the flexibility of a flex circuit, or the combination of both in a rigid-flex board, we have the capabilities to bring your vision to life. Our services also extend to aluminum PCBs, known for their excellent thermal performance.

3. Prototyping Excellence

We understand the importance of prototyping in the development process. Our rapid prototyping services are designed to accelerate your product development cycle, allowing you to test and iterate quickly. With our state-of-the-art facilities and streamlined processes, we can turn your concepts into functional prototypes in record time.

close up of a large green microcircuit with blue components
Printed circuit board workers

4. Full Production Capabilities

Beyond prototyping, BENCOR is equipped to handle full-scale production of PCBs for industrial applications. Whether you’re launching a new product or scaling up an existing one, our production capabilities ensure that you receive high-quality circuit boards consistently, meeting your production timelines and volume requirements. We have both USA and off-shore suppliers that we have worked with for over 25 years! This gives our customers peace-of-mind as we deliver superior PCB’s on all types of circuit boards at superior prices.

Types of PCBs We Specialize In:

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Rigid PCBs

Rigid PCBs are the standard in many industrial applications, providing a sturdy and reliable platform for electronic components. Our expertise in rigid PCB fabrication ensures that your boards meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

flex pcb

Flex PCBs

Flex circuits offer unparalleled flexibility, making them ideal for applications with space constraints or intricate designs. Our flex PCB fabrication services enable you to incorporate flexibility into your electronic systems without compromising on performance.

rigid flex pcb

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Combining the best of both worlds, rigid-flex PCBs offer the benefits of rigid and flex circuits in a single design. Our advanced fabrication techniques ensure seamless integration and reliability in complex applications.

aluminum pcb

Aluminum PCBs

Aluminum PCBs are known for their excellent thermal conductivity, making them ideal for applications where heat dissipation is crucial. Our aluminum PCB fabrication services deliver solutions that enhance the thermal performance of your electronic systems.

Large green PCB microcircuit board

2-Layer and Multilayer PCBs

Whether you need a simple 2-layer board or a complex multilayer design, BENCOR has the capabilities to manufacture PCBs that meet your specifications. Our multilayer PCBs are crafted with precision, ensuring signal integrity and reliability in even the most demanding applications.

Quality PCB Fabrication for All Types of Printed Circuit Boards

At BENCOR, quality is non-negotiable. Our PCB fabrication process undergoes rigorous quality checks at every stage, from material selection to final inspection. We utilize advanced testing equipment and adhere to industry standards to deliver circuit boards that meet or exceed your expectations. With our quick-turn PCB fabrication, superior quality and competitive pricing, BENCOR continues to be a trusted PCB production partner for thousands of customers.

Quality assurance is a key element in being the best PCB manufacturer; It’s just part our entire team’s spirit. BENCOR is:

ISOcertified Printed Circuit Board Design Texas | PCB Design

With every PCB production order we do:

PCB Production Capabilities



Max. Layer

16 layers

Material Type

FR-4,CEM-3,Aluminum Based,Copper based,High frequency board,High Tg,Rogers etc.

Board Thickness

Min. Thick.


Max. Thick.


Finished Board Thickness Tolerance







Min. Hole Dimension

Board Thick.<2.0mm


Board Thick.≥2.0mm

Aspect ratio≤10

Max. Panel Dimension


Surface Treatment

HASL,Lead free HASL, Immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, Gold Finger ,OSP etc.

Solder Mask

Green,White,Yellow,Red,Blue,Black etc.


Min. Track WidthHigh

5mil /8mil



Base Copper Thickness

Inner Copper



Outer Copper



Finished Copper Thickness

Inner Copper



Outer Copper



Insulated Thickness


Min. Track Width


Min. Track Space


Plating thickness


Plating thickness

Min. thickness

Max. thickness


PTH Wall



Hard-gold plating







Immersion Gold







Min Solder Mask Ring

PTH 3mil

>Tooling Hole 6mil

Space Between Track to Edge

CNC 0.25mm,V-CUT 0.4mm

Digital Control V-CUT

Size 630mm*630mn,Thickness 0.20mm

Impedance Control tolerance%

±10%,Special control ±5%

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Elevate your industrial applications with the highest quality PCB fabrication services from BENCOR. Whether you’re in the prototyping phase or gearing up for full-scale production, our team is ready to collaborate with you. We can supplement your current in-house production or handle every aspect of your PCB production requirements from initial concept to end-of-life. Our objective is to always provide your business with the ultimate in quality and service at competitive prices

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