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BENCOR: Precision Electronics Contract Manufacturing for Recreation & Sports

From professional sports equipment and wearable fitness monitors to outdoor adventure gear and recreational vehicles, BENCOR provides comprehensive electronics contract manufacturing solutions tailored for the active lifestyle market. We offer end-to-end printed circuit board fabrication, component assembly and full product integration services to develop innovative yet durable recreational electronics.
Our cutting-edge capabilities ensure your sports technology, camping devices, powersports electronics and more meet stringent standards for performance, reliability and safety from initial prototyping through full production runs.

Rugged PCB Manufacturing for Recreational Products

BENCOR specializes in a diverse portfolio of PCB types ideal for building the brains behind your sports gear, adventure products and recreational vehicles:

Sports Technology devices for recreational sports with pcb

Rigid PCBs

Our highly stable rigid printed circuit boards withstand the shocks and impacts of extreme sports equipment.

Flex PCBs

 Flexible circuits enable portable, wearable designs and compact integration into tight spaces like bike electronics.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Combined rigid and flexible sections simplify complex routing while allowing dynamic motion for wearable tech.

Aluminum PCBs

These thermally conductive PCBs effectively dissipate heat in high-power recreational vehicle controls.

2-Layer & Multilayer PCBs

 From basic builds to high-density multilayer stackups, we fabricate custom PCBs per your specifications.

pcb recreation sports

Rigid PCBs

Our rigid printed circuit boards provide a strong, stable foundation for electronics housings and durable product designs.

Flex PCBs

Flexible circuits enable innovative form factors, seamless integration and comfortable wear for wearable healthcare and beauty devices.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Combined rigid and flexible sections simplify dynamic flexing, complex routing and connectivity in a single space-saving board.

Aluminum PCBs

These thermally conductive boards efficiently dissipate heat from high-power components used in professional beauty equipment.

2-Layer & Multilayer PCBs

From basic stacked vias to dense multilayer board designs, we fabricate custom PCBs to precise specifications.

Our advanced manufacturing utilizes specialized materials and coatings, precision processes and rigorous inspections to produce PCBs able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Full Product Builds & Integration

Beyond PCB fabrication, BENCOR provides turnkey electronics manufacturing services from component sourcing and assembly through comprehensive product integration and testing. Our specialized team carefully builds each product per your approved bill of materials and blueprints.
treadmills using pcb components

We integrate all electronic elements like PCB assemblies, sensors, cameras, wireless modules, motors, displays and more. Then our experienced technicians conduct full system validation and testing prior to packaging products for distribution. Example recreational products include:

  • Smart sports equipment and wearable fitness tech
  • Performance tracking and analysis devices
  • GPS sensors and two-way radios for outdoor adventure
  • Trail/security cameras and environmental monitors
  • Powersports vehicle controls and instrumentation
  • Robotics and motion controllers for toys and recreational drones
  • Hoverboards, e-bikes, scooters and other personal electric vehicles
sports equipment

Our full box build model ensures proper interconnection while our rigorous quality system validates product safety and durability to thrive in punishing recreation environments.

End-to-End Manufacturing Partnership

As your recreation/sports contract manufacturing partner, you receive BENCOR’s comprehensive suite of turnkey services:

  • Product design & engineering resources
  • Rapid prototyping and DFM collaboration
  • PCB fabrication from rigid to flex
  • Component sourcing and supply chain management
  • Full system assembly, box builds and product integration
  • Exhaustive testing and validation per your requirements
  • Global regulatory guidance and compliance documentation
  • Scalable production volumes and fast turnaround
For over 35 years, BENCOR has helped leading recreational brands develop durable yet high-performing sports technology, powersports vehicle electronics, wearable fitness tech and rugged outdoor adventure products. We understand the industry’s durability requirements for wilderness treks, body-worn constraints and high-impact sporting applications.
Trust BENCOR as your turnkey recreation/sports contract manufacturer, providing the expertise to bring innovative yet reliable products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Request a quote to learn how our manufacturing solutions can streamline your product development lifecycle from idea to distribution.