Value Added Services

Value Added Electronic Manufacturing Services

Working with BENCOR means you’ll get the highest-quality products and services, delivered with one goal in mind: your satisfaction at every step. We’re always looking for ways to help you save time and money, and have the procedures and networks in place to help us do just that.

For example, BENCOR maintains:

  • A reliable inventory of safety stock – customers can take advantage of EAU quantities. Materials are stored in our own warehouse, which makes shipping fast, convenient and more economical.

  • Flexible consignment or turnkey options – choose from either option (or a combination of both!) depending upon your needs. Many of our customers prefer to consign higher-dollar parts, and purchase passive and less expensive parts turnkey.

  • Off-shore and stateside partners – utilizing our reliable resources, we’re able to lower the overall cost on your PCB. No job is too small to benefit from off-shore pricing… Or avoid tariffs and shipment delays with full-service production in Texas. You have options. Let’s get you pricing.

  • BOM cost-reduction principles – We’re adept in providing the best products and services for your money. If there’s a way to reduce the cost of your bill of materials, we’ll help you find it.

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