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Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Full Range of PCB Assembly Services

BENCOR is the best choice for printed circuit board assembly because we know this industry very well. We offer a full range of PCB assembly services, and specialize in the delivery of high quality, turn-key projects. We’ve developed a proven process to ensure that you receive a quality circuit assembly on time and at a competitive price.

At BENCOR we pay attention to details, including following industry standards for Electrostatic Discharge, IPC-A-610, and by carefully monitoring quality by routinely verifying your printed board assembly Instructions, Bill of Materials and IPC guidelines. The verification process runs through the PCB assembly process all the way to the final QC.

We strive to serve as a true partner with our clients, not just another vendor. Therefore, we have a unique drive to deliver the EXACT level of PCB assembly service that your project requires. We offer both Class 2 and Class 3 thru-hole, SMT and mixed technology assembly; quick-turn deliveries, scheduled production orders for JIT delivery; labor only options, complete turn-key service and even a hybrid approach customized to your specific requirements.

NEW Surface Mount Technology Equipment

BENCOR Surface Mount

Our new manufacturing line and floor layout is more automated and streamlined, which means less human contact.

Our EKRA X4 brings you precision printing for higher quality solder joints. Our MY100DX-14 is rated up to 32,000 CPM and can place the entire range of standard SMT components. High Precision = higher quality assemblies & faster lead times.

Our KISS 103 allows us to do automated TH soldering for double-sided PCBAs with repeatable quality, uniformed solder joints & faster lead times.  With this new manufacturing line, we’re also revamping the production floor layout for a better overall flow, traceability and 6S standards.

Additionally, we offer custom cable assemblies and complete box-build services completed to your specification and most stringent requirements. We can supplement your current in-house production or handle every aspect of your manufacturing requirements from initial concept to end-of life. 

At BENCOR, we are experts at every aspect of the product life cycle. Whether you have simple, low-volume printed circuit board assembly requirements or a high-volume lead-free product that must meet stringent requirements, we have the capability, commitment and process to ensure your success.

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