Component Kitting Services

Are your current vendors actively managing your bill of materials, or simply purchasing parts?

Understanding the status of your BOM is an important part of sustaining engineering, and it’s often overlooked by our customers. For example:

  • Do you know the lifecycle of your most critical parts?
  • When developing a new PCB, are you asking hard questions about long lead-time parts and sole-source components?
  • Are you ensuring that your PCB designers are working in “cost reduction mode” when revising your current components?

Kitting Saves Money

We are procurement experts. We work closely with our vendors to help you with these difficult tasks. And whenever possible, we employ component kitting services to ensure our most popular items are pre-assembled and ready to ship. The money we save in overhead from component kitting is passed along to you.

We do our best work when you make us part of the design process, because at that critical time we can help you avoid the pitfalls that many companies find they are in, after they have completed the design phase.

Having to redesign a board for any of these reasons is costly, but living with a problem BOM can cost even more!

We can also help you secure “special pricing” on your high-volume parts, because we know the “ins and outs” of component procurement.

A popular service that we offer is our Safety Stock program. We can advance purchase parts that are EOL (End-of-Life) or Long Lead-Time and stock them for your project. Another option is to build and stock complete assemblies for your unpredictable product requirements.

Why pay expedite fees when BENCOR can have exactly what you need in stock?

At BENCOR electronic component kitting is much more than simply buying parts for the current build; we take your project seriously and work hard on your behalf to save you money and ensure your long-term success.

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