Contract Manufacturing

Customized OEM Electronics Contract Manufacturing

BENCOR is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Contract Manufacturer based in Texas and is a trusted provider of electronics contract manufacturing services to a wide variety of industries and businesses of all sizes.

For over 27 years, we have been able to provide our customers with excellent customer service and quality products at competitive prices. BENCOR clients understand the benefits of outsourcing electronic production to us, because we have the facility, people, processes and tools onsite, right here in Texas, USA. We’re always looking for ways to keep costs down on your projects to help you increase profitability. This keeps our customers coming back, and everyone wins. There is no need to go overseas with any risks of tariffs or shipment delays. BENCOR is the solution!

Your business will benefit from our expertise in OEM manufacturing and consulting, including all stages of your product’s life cycle. Our electronics manufacturing services include printed circuit board assemblies, wire harness and cable assemblies, NPI/prototyping, box builds, testing and repairs at a cost lower than most of our competition.

BENCOR offers customer support, program management, engineering, and supply chain services. We manufacture assemblies for the military, medical, energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, industrial controls, and computers industries. This includes a wide assortment of consumer electronics for health & wellness, toys, novelties, and various handheld devices. Look to us for a risk-free partnership designed to reduce time to market again and again.

Our custom delivery options can be structured to meet your organization’s complex inventory management goals, such as JIT delivery, scheduled orders and FREE safety stock options. Let our team of contract manufacturing experts help you manage your next project from start to finish, or handle any aspect of your manufacturing process. Give your business a competitive advantage by working with BENCOR today. Contact us to get started.